Code of Ethics

EMPLOYEES All governing body members, officers and employees of São Manoel HPP companies, regardless of title and relationship.

CLIENTS  Natural or legal persons to whom São Manoel HPP provides services or sells products, both in a regulated and a free market.

SHAREHOLDERS Natural or legal persons (domestic or foreign) that own São Manoel HPP shares.

SUPPLIERS AND SERVICE PROVIDERS Natural or legal persons that supply products or sells services to São Manoel HPP.

COMMUNITY Organizations, institutions and civil society entities representing citizenry, clients, business segments, media, research institutes, organizations for social advancement and development.

GOVERNMENT All instances of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches at the Federal, State, Municipal and District levels, regulatory bodies, parliamentary committees, consumer and environmental protection agencies and other direct or indirect public administration members

Ethics Channel

The Ethics Channel is an instrument through which shareholders, employees, customers, and suppliers can report conduct that they judge to be inappropriate per the Code of Ethics, and that also do not comply with policies, norms, procedures or internal controls.

Recognized as a good governance practice that promotes transparency and integrity, the Ethics Channel is a tool required by the Administration. Also, several external entities that evaluate our companies consider this an essential tool for conducting a sustainable business.

Besides ethical conduct, questions with respect to internal management, accounting, auditing, monitoring or other issues that discredit requirements stipulated by local legislation, regulatory agents or internal policies may be reported to the company via the Ethics Channel.

Communication may be anonymous or named and absolute secrecy and non-retaliation are guaranteed, just as no information will be collected that may identify or track the informant. Once the message is submitted, a protocol number is provided in order to consult the status of the case.

It is necessary to clarify that in the exclusive case of interpersonal behavior complaints involving the company’s employees, these cases will only be reviewed if the informant identifies him-or herself. Be clear in describing your complaint so that your case will be handled efficiently and effectively.

If your message is related to the supply or quality of services, use the appropriate electric power channels in your region, available on the company’s website.

In addition to this web space, it is also possible to receive your message via Post using the following address:

PO Box: 81009 – Contato Seguro

Zip code: 04537-970

São Paulo/SP 

Ethics Channel

To start or consult a report